BLOG POST 03/06/18


March 6, 2018


Swim in style, season after season by protecting, cleaning, rotating and storing your bikini correctly.



Lotions, sunscreens, oil and deodorant can be harsh on swim fabrics, discoloring, staining them, and deteriorating their elasticity. Make sure to apply these 15 to 30 minutes before you put your swimsuit on so they're totally absorbed, only by your skin.

The chlorine content of your pool or hot tub can be high and can break down the spandex and dyes and age your swimsuit. Try showering quickly in fresh water before swimming so the suit's fibers will absorb less chlorine.

Finally, sit on a towel or sarong to avoid abrasion on rough surfaces.



Even if you've only been laying out, always hand wash your suit with an ultra-gentle detergent in cold water to remove salt, oils and dirt. If you don't use detergent, a cold rinse will do.

Never put your swimwear in a washing machine as the agitation will stretch, stain and break down the delicate linings, leaving it ill-fitting. 

Wringing will also damage the fibers of your suit, so lay it flat between two towels and roll it gently to squeeze out water. To dry, lay it flat away from direct sunlight (don't hang it from ties).



Spandex is a memory fabric and needs to 24 hours to fully snap back to shape. You need multiple options if you wear swimwear every day. When you're on vacation, bring a few bikinis so you can clean and let them dry fully before wearing again. Spandex bounce-back ensures a great, lasting fit. 



Your bikini is ready for storage when it's been washed and is completely dry. Don't keep it in an airtight container or bag because mildew will develop if there's any moisture in the fibers. And lastly, avoid dryer sheets as they can leave residue on fabrics.