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September 26, 2017

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Meet Sophia Laryea, the Bondi based model, dancer and the face of two of Lola & Lamar's campaigns. She's one serious babe with exotic looks and a cool attitude, and has caught the eye of some of Australia's biggest brands. Get to know Sophia in our exclusive interview below.


Name: Sophia Laryea


Current location: Bondi, Sydney 


Describe yourself in 3 words:

Hilarious. Loyal. Passionate.


Where did you grow up?

Cairns, Ghana and Noosa.


What is your nationality?



What's your favourite Lola & Lamar piece?

My favourite Lola & Lamar swimsuit would 100% have to be the Cindy one piece. It's so versatile! As well as a swimsuit you can really dress it up or just wear it casually, all of which look great. 


What are your beach essentials?

Bikini,  towel, sunglasses and a bottle of water. Simple is best.


What made you interested in dance and modelling? Where do you see your career taking you? 

I started dance to socialise with friends and have fun, but now it's a form of expression and the best therapy I could ask for. Modelling also started through dance and just sort of happened. Would love to travel with both dance and modelling, that would be so much fun! 


Favourite travel destination?

Home. Noosa - no better place to visit.


How do you stay fit and healthy?

Dance classes, yoga, boxing and the gym sometimes but it can get boring training on your own.


Any secret beauty tips?

Exercise, watch what you put in your body and water 


Any hidden talents?

Not really, I like to play the guitar but not very talented... yet haha.


What's your favourite way to spend a Saturday?

With my boyfriend going on adventures. 


Favourite song of the moment?

Haven't got one song but have been listening to a lot of Masego and Goldlink lately.


As a woman, what is your greatest superpower?

Woman in general are incredibly nurturing and caring and I think that is a beautiful super power to have. 


Something most people don't know about you?

I was called Oboshi up until I was 9. When I moved to Noosa, I went by my English name Sophia, so I wouldn't get teased.


What's next for you?

Going with the flow and not forcing anything. When I'm in that mind set life is so adventurous and I'm more open to opportunities and challenges that present themselves. If it's meant to be it will happen. 


Keep up with Sophia!

Instagram: @sophiaoboshi