BLOG POST 03/21/18


March 21, 2018




Siobhan: Sydney, Australia.

Lamar: California.



Goals for this year?

Travel more to new places. The best way to learn about life and cultures and get inspired is by exploring and seeing new places and things. We recently went to Japan and Nepal and India are next on our bucket list.

Must-see beaches?

Lanikai Beach, Oahu has become our new favourite spot. We'd also love to get back to Rio de Janeiro and Caye Caulker in Belize.

The most magical place you've visited?

S: Brazil and Iceland.

L: Nicaragua

What made you want to design swimwear?

S: I grew up on the ocean and beaches, and never got excited by bikinis in the stores or could find the perfect one. The idea came to life when we were travelling around South America and spent some time in Brazil where we both became obsessed with the style and attitudes of the locals and the fio dental bikinis. And it all started from there!

L: We wanted to highlight the body in a natural way and bring back the classic 80's and 90's look and feel to beaches worldwide - effortless, not trying too hard, not embellished, not bedazzled.

S: It's also always been a dream - to be my own boss, make my own rules and travel when I want.

Who would you love to see in L&L, and who have been some of the highlights?

Would love to see Rihanna in L&L. Some highlights in the past were Gigi Hadid and when we got an email from Kim Kardashian's stylist saying she was a fan of our suits and wanted to get her hands on some! 

Swimwear faux pas?

Baggy bottoms. 

Best advice you've ever received?

Work hard in silence, let success be your noise.

Health and fitness?

S: Being outside is the most important to us. Living on the island makes it easy to go out on hikes, walks on the beach or a swim. I love dancing too. And Lamar plays basketball and football. We also eat plant-based and very mindful of what goes in our bodies.

What type of women do you see wearing Lola & Lamar pieces?

Mostly confident girls who are open to being daring with what they rock on the beach.


S: Anyone who is breaking the mold. Our own taste. We draw inspiration from a lot of different sources and look to the past and present. 

L: We design each piece together so bounce inspiration off of each other.

Favourite piece from the current collection?

S: The Naomi and The Baja Brief.

L: The Wild One.

What do you think is the big in swim for 2018?

The one piece has definitely made a comeback. We make ours skimpy and sexy - side cleavage and high-cut (which makes your legs look longer). And we're loving brights!

What do we have to look forward to with upcoming collections?

So much!  We're hoping to launch more capsule collections throughout the year and we're getting back to our core and what we're all about... It's going to be the best yet. Stay tuned.